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We process our users' personal data. This page outlines the kinds of data we collect and process, why, how and all the important information that you need to know.


fulfilling contractual agreements (facilitating searching for a partner)

Processed personal data

  • Name or nickname (obligatory)
  • Where I feel at home (obligatory)
  • Age (obligatory)
  • Emailn (obligatory)
  • Height (voluntary)
  • Weight (voluntary)
  • Status (voluntary)
  • Zodiac (voluntary)
  • Children now (voluntary)
  • Children in the future (voluntary)
  • Ocupation branch (voluntary)
  • Facebook (voluntary)
  • Instagram (voluntary)
  • Phone Number (voluntary)
  • Religion (voluntary)


Personal data acquirers (or categories), including those in third countries or international organisations


Statutory Authority

Marketing Department



Planned deletion deadlines for individual categories

36 months after registration, expiration of services or last activity (according to the latest of these), or any time arising from a user's request. 


System and Processing Service Availability and Resilience

The system availability and resilience is ensured by regular backup. The Controller keeps only the 3 last backup versions (created with a week of time between them). The Controller does not keep backup versions older than 3 weeks. 


Regular Measure Evaluation Process (personal data protection management, incident management, standard personal data protection, processing supervision)

The Controller uses paid technical tools supervising the system availability on anonymous basis (i.e. without access to proper personal data). The Controller also set up the following procedures: initial training of newcomers in the character of activities of a Controller and duties arising from the need to protect users' personal data. 


Common Controller

No common controller exists. 


Legal Grounds for Processing

Fulfilling contractual obligations.


Who submits personal data? 

Personal data are acquired by the personal data subject. If a user uses social media for signup, personal data are acquired directly from the social media profile (a user's age group, profile photo). 


Wherefrom does the request for personal data arise and is providing the data obligatory? 

Providing personal data represents a contractural requirement. Without the data, the Controller cannot ensure fulfilling a controller's obligations arising from contractual agreements. 


Do automatic decisions or profiling take place? 

No automatic decisions following Art. 13 and 22 of GDPR take place. 


Where is the consent with processing of personal data stored? 

The consent is stored in an electronic version in the database. 


Non-electronic data storage - manner of storing and location of personal data. 

No non-electronic data storage takes place at the Controller. 


Processor data

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