A dating platform only for serious relationships.

A Modern Website for Singles Seeking a Serious Relationship

We give you a chance to find your dream partner on our website. Although we don’t promise miracles, we'll work hard to make them happen. If you don't find an interesting or interested partner among the registered members – and yes, this can happen! – don't despair. This is exactly why we offer long-term services. During our service period, we’ll inform you whenever someone new signs up or shows interest in you. A quick start often means a quick end and building a meaningful relationship takes some time. This is our main philosophy.

Therefore, even though we offer instant messaging features, we are not an instant messaging site. That kind of service only suits extroverts and people looking for a fast fling. Neither are we a game-like app, such as Tinder. Instead of playing games, we prefer to build a safe and sustainable community of people looking for a real relationship. This increases your chances of finding a real partner and according to our member feedback, we are pretty successful! How do we achieve this?

We only accept members who take dating seriously and filter out anyone else daily. Users register for their trial to learn about the features and see how lively the site is. Once the trial expires, users are asked to pay an adequate fee. This is the most effective way to ensure that our dating site isn’t filled with voyeurs browsing through hundreds of profiles at a time with no real intention of interacting. It leaves our site with real users showing sincere interest in finding a stable relationship.


We think, in the dating world, we should be open and honest about who we are and what we believe in. This concerns the users as well as the website itself.

We’ve put together the following outline of the philosophy we follow when building our community.

Our dating service is:

  • free of charge in the trial;
  • a safe web-based community of like-minded people with the same aim – to meet new acquaintances;
  • a fair dating site which gives you a good chance of starting a long-term relationship;
  • a fast-growing service with a constant influx of new members;
  • paid after the trial expires; the fee serves as a filter that only leaves members serious about dating;
  • an open service that reflects its users’ wishes and feedback; if you have any idea or observation, we’ll be glad if you let us know.

Our dating service is not:

  • an instant messaging service; of course, you send messages etc. and keep in touch with others; but the main point is to build and maintain a relationship; our focus is on the profiles where you have the opportunity to learn a lot about your potential counterparts;
  • an attempt at instant dating like Tinder; if you like to play games, register with Tinder; if you’re looking for a real partner, you’re welcome in our community; we believe that finding a life-long partner takes more than a single click (or swipe);
  • a site infested with voyeurs whose ultimate goal is to browse but never engage; we actively filter them out;
  • run by a bunch of know-it-alls; we don’t impose our ideas of your ideal partner on you – you actively choose them yourself.


If you like what you've read, feel free to try it out. You can signup at the homepage.  

Good luck finding a new partner!

   Isabella                &                  Oliver


Contact: info@chance42.com

Prices: The trial is free of charge. Follow-up services are paid.  

Legal terms: Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found in the Terms section. Arrangements governing the right to a refund of the fee is included in Article 8 of the Terms of Service. The operator returns the fees if it is proven that a third person paid the fee and by doing so committed a crime. A change of a user’s mind is no ground for a refund of payments already made. Our Privacy Policy also contains articles concerning the protection of personal data, cookies, and sending commercial messages.

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