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3 rules to get a date


Have you tried other dating websites? No luck finding a partner with Tinder swipes? Lost patience with hundreds of questions in the obligatory signup forms on sites like eHarmony? Or fed up that your free trial doesn't give you access to contacting functions?
We reflect our users' negative experience with other dating websites. Therefore, we made our signup fast and our functions accessible and easy to use.


1. Enter
The gates of our website open wide to anyone willing to invest as much as one or two minutes into setting up their profile. We cut the process to a few fundamental steps and you won't be bothered with unnecessary questions. We strongly recommend that you take time to fill out your profile later though. Your profile details can catch your future partner's attention!


2. Search, browse and contact
Our search tools are intuitive and you can use them even in the Trial. When you get your search results, click anyone's photo and look at their profiles. Once you decide to contact the person, you can use our assisting pre-set messages.

3. Be active
Imagine yourself at a party. Would sitting in the corner make you attractive and get you a date? Hardly. No. The same applies to dating websites. However, you know that the others are looking for someone like you, so don't wait for them to address you. Take things into your own hands, don't get discouraged if someone says no and learn from your mistakes. You have plenty of chances!

Your success is our goal. If you find a date, we'll be happy and if you let us know, we'll be over the moon!



Enjoy using the website and fingers crossed!