A dating platform only for serious relationships.

Frequently asked questions


1. Who is this dating website designed for?


We’re aiming at people with a serious interest in meeting someone and starting a long-term relationship. Our team has achieved great results, and matched loads of happy new couples. If you seriously wish to meet someone, we’ll do our best to offer you a sufficient number of relevant counterparts from your area who want to meet someone like you.


2. Is this a free dating website?


Everyone gets free trial for the first period after the signup. After that, a payment for further services is required. The purpose is to let everybody try and see – for free – what the website looks like and how it works. Each user can check out the service’s basic features and learn how it works. Then you can simply decide whether our dating website is right for you. The fee effectively filters unwanted voyeurs so that only serious daters remain. This improves the experience for both men and women, increasing the likelihood of making a real connection.


3. What's different about this particular dating service?


We know that one can hardly find love at first sight while sitting at a computer. The process of dating via a web page like ours takes a bit longer, and therefore our service period is long. However, it also requires users with a certain attitude. Success in this type of dating arises from regular visits to the website in order to see the newcomers. This is the only way to contact your potential partner before they engage in a conversation with someone else. Most of us don’t look like Chris Hemsworth or Scarlett Johansson, so the process of finding someone requires patience. Don't give up if you failed to find true love the first time you searched or contacted someone. With a long-term service period, a large number of potential counterparts from your target group are guaranteed to sign up.


4. How do I find the Settings or log out?


For Settings or loggin out, click on your nickname or photo. This unfolds a menu containing your Profile, Settings and Logout


Check the gif: 


5. How do I change my profile photo?


In My profile, select "Edit my profile", click "Upload a profile photo" and Save. Please note that the photo must be smaller than 4 megabytes and with a reasonable resolution. There's no point in uploading a photo, the size of a poster. Also remember to pick a photo that represents the real you! Now others can see you clearly, and you can view the photos and profiles of your potential counterparts as well!


6. How do I edit the profile?


Is there anything in your profile you’d like to edit? A typo? You can revise your profile at any time by clicking My profile at the top. In the upper left corner, click Edit my profile, then enter the details you want to share with others. 


Remember that an interesting profile full of meaningful information about you sparks other people’s interest. Maybe someone likes the same Indian restaurant as you or has a similar pet! On the other hand, be careful with personal and confidential information. Certain things should not not appear in your profile. Reserve some information for the right person only!



7. How do I read messages from other users?


To read messages from other users, click Inbox in the taskbar (at top right). Information about your incoming messages will appear. These are arranged chronologically, starting with the most recent ones. 


8. When can I read a message from someone else?

A message from another user can be accessed during the trial. After this period expires, you can only get into the message section after you have paid for the service. But don’t worry, your messages will remain saved in your Inbox. You can pay for the service at any time, even after the trial has expired. Whenever you join, you’ll be able to read the past messages from your potential dates.


10. How do I log out of my account on my mobile


Browsing some websites on the phone is a pain. No matter how large your phone’s display or how delicate your fingers, the website just doesn’t behave! But don’t worry: ours isn’t complicated. Just go to the upper right corner and click the icon with three lines. You’ll see a menu with several options, the last one being the Log out option. Tap it and that’s it!


The menu icon on your mobile is the one in the right (with three horizontal lines):


11. Is the paid service extended and paid automatically?

To answer this question, go to your Settings section and check the Payment section. Can you see the “Cancel subscription” button under the list? By clicking this, you cancel future automatic payments. If you cannot find this item in the list, automatic payments are not active. You’ll have to pay each time you want to extend the service. 


12. Is it possible to pay using any credit card and can I do so from anywhere?


Yes! We accept popular credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard, no matter which bank issued it or which country it was issued in. Thank you, globalization!


Watch the GIF to see the payment procedure:


13. What if I forget my password?


All those passwords, PINs and numbers you have to remember! Who doesn't forget them from time to time?


Fortunately, this problem has an easy solution on our website. Go to the Homepage and put in the email address that you use for the website, hit "Enter" and click on “Forgotten password?”. Soon, you’ll receive a message to the same email address with a link to renew your password. Choose your new password and use it immediately to log in.


14. How do I delete my profile on the dating website?


So you’ve finally found your significant other and you're leaving for your honeymoon? Awesome! Go ahead and delete your profile by clicking on your nickname and Settings after that. Scroll to the bottom of the page, all the way to the Account Status section, and select “Permanently delete my account”. Then you can enjoy the honeymoon, no matter whether you're heading to your aunt's or the Seychelles!


Paula has finally found Mr. Right! Watch her delete her account: